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The Stop Hunger Story

For over 21 years Dr. Norman Quintero has been feeding families in need.  It all started on a Sunday in Dallas Texas when two little children approached Dr. Norman and asked him if he had any food they could eat.  He recognized immediately they probably hadn’t eaten anything that day. When asked if they had eaten today they replied “we don’t have anything to eat at home“.  That moment reminded Dr. Norman of his humble beginnings.  It was because of those children he went to the store and bought food to start feeding the hungry.  That was the beginning of the food pantry that has turned into Stop Hunger.

Stop hunger has grown and is now providing over 100,000 meals per week to those families in need in the states of Texas, Florida, Louisiana and California.  COVID-19 has dramatically increased the number of people who are food insecure.  With job losses on the rise people simply don’t have any money for food.  We need your generosity at this moment to help all of these families in need that have been increased because of the worldwide pandemic.  More and more people are losing their jobs and are falling into poverty and are not able to afford basic necessities such as food to eat.

In addition to starting and feeding families through Stop Hunger Dr. Norman also performs other community services that includes a soup kitchen, a homeless food program, mental counseling services, Thanksgiving dinners, and toys for children of low income families.  Since 2003 Dr Norman has helped more than 1 million families in need with these programs.




Please join in the fight to Stop Hunger and donate now  


We also need volunteers to help hand out food so please join us now!


41 Columbia Aliso Viejo CA 92656

(714) 716-5000

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NQR, Corporation DBA Stop Hunger California Tax Exemption Number 33500074.  The Internal Revenue Code of 501(c)(3) under Group Ruling Number 1620.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the law.

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