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Gloria Quintero



Gloria Quintero was born and raised in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. She is the fifth of a family of 10 children, her father worked in the construction industry and her mother was a homemaker. Gloria graduated from the public-school system and in 1993 obtained a bachelor degree in Communications from the Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico.

Gloria is married to Dr. Norman Quintero. Together, they are raising their 8 Children, (Norman, Gregory, Pablo, Norman, Hillary, Jose, Karla and Erick).

Gloria started her Government career as Administrative Assistant for the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2000, when she fell in love with helping veterans. Shortly after, Gloria started volunteering for the Veterans Blind Clinic and the Veterans Nursing Home. In 2008, Gloria transferred to the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, where she works as a Contract Specialist. Since then, Gloria has received multiple accomplishments awards for her excellent work that includes but not limited to awarding over $800M construction projects worldwide.

Gloria continued her volunteer work in various organizations working closely with Community Leaders and Pastors creating activities to bring services to immigrants, children, women, veterans and homeless families.

Gloria joined her husband Dr. Norman Quintero as Pastors of a Hispanic Church' "Iglesia Getsemani" located in Tustin, CA. Together, they have created and funded a Job coaching program that has helped hundreds of people to find jobs, a soup kitchen serving hot meals to over 2,000 people each month and a toy program for low income children. These programs have helped 500,000 people since last Christmas.

Additionally, Gloria and Norman have founded and funded a food pantry called STOP HUNGER that currently helps hundreds of thousand of people every month. All these programs help, veterans, homeless and low-income families in Southern California, Texas, Florida and Louisiana. Gloria is recently appointed as The President of STOP HUNGER.

In the Spring 2020, Gloria and Norman founded a media network company called TeleAmerica. Gloria is also the Founder and President of the TV Network called B.E.S.T.V (Beauty, Entertainment and Style TV). Gloria and Norman host a Hispanic TV show "Puntos de Vista" that airs weekly on nationwide 

 "I'm passionate about helping others in my community, putting a smile in someone's face and letting them know they are loved.” - Gloria Quintero

Dr. Norman Quintero

Vice President/Co-Founder

Dr. Norman Alberto Quintero was born in San Juan, capital of the island of Puerto Rico, on September 16, 1965. During his birth, he presented many congenital conditions and faced many medical challenges that required immediate attention. At a very young age, Norman underwent 27 surgeries, including one to correct a birth defect in his skull. 


Norman comes from a very humble home, his mother was single, and he never met his father. His grandparents took responsibility for raising him and took care of his medical needs. His grandmother worked ironing her neighbors' clothes and her grandfather handed milk to the community for a living.  When conditions were adverse due to Norman's financial constraints and medical situation, his grandparents did not doubt his potential and formed it on a solid basis for success.


The malformations in his skull and the physical appearance of his face have led him to suffer all kinds of bullying during each stage of growth of his life, but despite all this, he always stood out for being a brilliant student and a hardworking man, where perseverance and determination were the undisputed hallmarks in overcoming every difficulty he has faced in his life.


At just 11 years old, Norman began working handing out newspapers in his community, being recognized in 1979 by the local newspaper "El Nuevo Día" as the newspaper delivery man of the year. He maintained this work until completing his studies at the University of Puerto Rico. Then at age 16, he took a second job as an inventory employee for RGIS Inventory Specialists.  Despite having two jobs his years at the school were extremely difficult times for him, since on many occasions he had to decide between paying to be able to eat or to pay for transportation from his grandparents' house to college and his return home.


In his surprising academic development, Norman finished high school in just two years. Immediately afterwards he was accepted to the University of Puerto Rico. He was elected president of the Student Government Council of all campuses of the Administration of the Regional Colleges of the University of Puerto Rico and also for the Academic Senate. 


Once again and against all odds, Norman graduates with honors from the University of Puerto Rico and immediately begins working in the Governor's Office. After practicing for a time in government work, Norman began his development as an entrepreneur. In his vision of undertaking and growing up in the business world, he decided to move with his family to the Florida State. There he began working on a law firm, where his job was to serve the community of high-growth immigrants. His entrepreneurial instinct and ardent passion for helping his Hispanic community lead him to venture into the field of real estate, a profession he still exercises successfully in the states of Florida and California. 

His thriving career as a real estate agent led him to make radio and television programs on channels such as CNN in Spanish, Univision, Telemundo, Wapa América, Azteca, Mega,  Estrella TV  and TeleAmerica  among others. Within a few years Norman became an influential media personality, capturing the attention of the Hispanic community in the United States and Latin America.


In the late 1990s, Norman began to approach God and his life began to be transformed. In 2002, after having a vision from God and receiving the call to the pastorate, Norman moved to the state of Texas, planting three churches and working closely with social programs to help and serve the community. Despite the growth he was gaining in his business and especially in his spiritual life, his second marriage presented irreconcilable problems and differences until he reached divorce, a situation that led him to severe depression. The court grants him custody of his son, the result of that marriage, taking over the upbringing of five of his six children, as well as caring for his grandmother, who moved from Puerto Rico to live with him, until her death at the age of 99.


Because of the difficult personal moments, he was going through and in order to protect the ministry, Pastor Norman returns to Florida to fight for his family, regain control of his life and receive professional help from a psychologist for the treatment of his depression. With God's help, his family's support and professional treatment Norman rose again.


In late 2009, Pastor Norman met Gloria, his current wife, and in June 2010, he married. Together they have raised 7 of their 8 children, celebrating diversity in their family and promoting family integration.


In July 2010, they moved to California's State to begin a new family life. Norman opened a church in Orange County, started a real estate office and returned to college until he earned a doctorate as a mental health practitioner.  


His desire to help his community leads him to run for election to the United States House of Representatives and represent California's 42nd District. Despite not being elected in the June 2018 primaries, he continues to look for ways to serve and help his community.


Expand the free food service he started in Dallas, Texas, and California.  In addition to this, Pastor Norman performed other community services including a soup kitchen, homeless food program, mental counseling services, Thanksgiving dinners, and toys for children for low-income families. Since 2003, with these programs, Pastor Norman has helped more than a million families in need and since the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis, its food program now serves more than a hundred thousand (100,000) families every week in the States of Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and California.


In 2020, Norman Quintero's corporation bought the facilities and television studios of renowned tele-evangelist Benny Hinn. This leads him to move his entire family, professional and ministerial environment to the city of Aliso Viejo to continue his greatest passion which is to help and strengthen his community. 

The life of Dr. and Pastor Norman Quintero has not been easy and despite having a humble beginning, with unimaginable medical and psychological challenges, his life story has inspired a number of families to believe in God's power to heal and transform not only the heart of man but his life circumstances. Each challenge has strengthened his Faith in God and given him the tools to be a better father, husband, and member of our society.

Jacintha Knapp 

Advisory Council

Jacintha is Co-Founder and President of Jada Foundation, Inc., an innovative scientific research and discovery company in the fields of Green Energy and Semiconductor whose unique solutions have been developed through and due to complex mathematical models, elimination of inefficiencies and enhancement of the natural effects. Jacintha successfully obtained and executed several project management consulting projects, notably for Fortune 200 Electronic and Semiconductor Manufacturing firms, Government of Thailand and Indonesia, The North America Association of Central Cancer Registries and The Epidemiology Division of University of California, Irvine. Those business achievements have strengthened Jacintha‘s core belief that contributing back to the communities and the world is not merely a charity but it is a moral obligation.

Teray Stephens,

Executive Director of  Operations 


Teray is a respected Executive, Strategist and Fundraiser with proven management, marketing and money-raising skills. She enjoyed an illustrious career at Xerox Corporation then transitioned into private investment banking and consulting to entrepreneurial, non-profit and political organizations. She has been a valued advisor/board member to numerous organizations including Angels in Waiting and Break the Cycle, served as President of NWPC California and VP of the National Board of the National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC), and has received several awards for her philanthropic work.

Quinn Ruvacava 

Director of Media and Community Outreach

Quinn is a third generation Orange County native.  She is a driven and energetic professional with extensive experience helping diverse organizations grow, develop and reach their goals which often results in exceeding targeted objectives.  She has an extensive record of successfully executing and supporting critical initiatives to drive cost and time efficiencies, attract and retain top talent, and develop position strategies for growth.  Throughout her career Quinn has excelled in managing multiple projects with overlapping timelines, pinpointing opportunities, and implementing innovative solutions.  She introduces a passion for innovation and excellence in a high-energy environment with a proven track record in building and leading high-performing teams to rally around shared goals and objectives.  Quinn has served on non-profits boards for over 20 years raising over $500,000 for research. 

Victor Garcia, Jr.

Project Manager


Victor is an education and housing advocate dedicated to finding positive outcomes for underserved communities. Victor graduated in 2017 from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He currently serves as the Scholarships Chair for the Glendale Latino Association overseeing the dispersant of over $20,000 in scholarships to 22 recipients. He also sits on the Advisory Council for Hope Housing, a non-profit dedicated to providing room and board to housing insecured community college students.

George S. Corpuz

Director of Community Health

George is an Medical Doctor candidate interested in guiding national health policy and advocacy. He holds a BS in Human Evolutionary Biology and BA in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Southern California (USC).  George served as a Legislative Fellow in Congress to Representative Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, where he prioritized garnering Representative Cartwright’s support and co-sponsorship for bills that decreased healthcare inequity such as H.R. 7618: COVID-19 Bias and Anti-Racism Training Act of 2020. As a student at Weill Cornell Medicine, George serves on the board of the Weill Cornell Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) and Weill Cornell Education Outreach. George also has several years of experience conducting scientific research on stem cells, regenerative biology, and public health.


41 Columbia Aliso Viejo CA 92656

(714) 716-5000

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NQR, Corporation DBA Stop Hunger California Tax Exemption Number 33500074.  The Internal Revenue Code of 501(c)(3) under Group Ruling Number 1620.  Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the law.

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